Connected by a common purpose

Our Values Guide Us

We are connected by a common purpose and a set of values that help guide us every day. Our values are Determination, Integrity, Humility and Respect. For us they’re not just words on a sign, they’re foundational to everything we do. Hear from a few of our leaders on how our values shape our company.



“Determination is the fuel that drives us to push our boundaries and pursue innovation. It drives us to connect people and organizations in meaningful ways, making a real difference in the lives of our customers and the communities we serve. Having determination as part of our culture means persisting even in the face of barriers and setbacks. We’re always looking for ways to improve what we do and truly care about solving our customers’ challenges.”

Chad Gatlin, President, Network Innovations U.S. Government



“As technology solution integrators, we commit to being a trusted partner for our customers. Integrity is a cornerstone of how we operate and is the foundation for building long-term relationships. We enable our customers to conduct some of the most important work on the planet, and we take this responsibility seriously. Our team can be relied upon for straight-up, genuine advice.”

Samantha Aretuo, Technical Writer



“Humility means recognizing that we are part of something bigger and that our success is dependent on the contributions of many. It means being open to new ideas and being willing to admit when we are wrong. This in turn leads to better decision-making, problem-solving, and innovations.”

Gopinath Ramanan, Chief Technology Officer, CTO 



“A culture of respect promotes trust, open communication, and teamwork, all of which are essential in the critical work we do. At Network Innovations, we have assembled a team of experts who truly care and are passionate about helping our customers. We value the contributions and perspectives of all team members, customers, and partners.; it’ an important part of our philosophy here."

Aibert Antioquia, Web and Digital Marketing Manager


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