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Monitoring & Control in Real-Time

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Reap the Benefits of Real-Time Monitoring & Control

As the world’s population increases, the need to feed and supply the valuable products made with trees exceeds. To meet these growing demands, farmers and forestry companies are digitalizing their operations, turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) to optimize their operations and realize greater yields. Smart Farming, Smart Agriculture and IoTrees is enabling cultivators to access and assess real-time data from remote locations, to cut field and labors costs, leverage insights and enhance processes for greater productivity. Network Innovations supplies integrated data connectivity and communications solutions to farmers and foresters, empowering them with the technology to increase production, preserve resources and minimize costs.

Remote Site Connectivity for Smart Farming & Forestry IoT

Given the remote, unpopulated location of forests, wireless network coverage is often non-existent. In rural communities, cellular coverage can be spotty with dead zones despite acres of crop or livestock to monitor. Real time monitoring and control to automate irrigation, track asset performance, attain & assess production quality metrics and more – requires dependable network connectivity.

Network Innovations specializes in supplying data connectivity everywhere – from rural fields & livestock operations to timber harvests & logging operations in remote regions, regardless of adverse weather or environmental conditions. Our team has a complete range of adaptable and cost-effective data, voice, & automation solutions to enable you to remotely connect to your operations.

  • Integrated VSAT, L-band and cellular connectivity for multi-network coverage
  • Remotely monitor equipment, crops, and livestock
  • Reduce manual data collection costs associated with labor & long-distance field travel
  • Leverage connected devices to create self-regulating microclimates conducive to crop production & livestock health
  • Customize equipment performance thresholds to trigger alarms when set parameters fail or exceed allowances
  • Get consistent, more frequent measurements from the field to estimate & assess forest growth and crop production
  • Video streaming applications designed for drones/UAV use in limited-bandwidth areas for visual situational awareness of land, field and forest
  • Achieve full traceability of sustainably harvested wood (FSC)

Workforce Communications & Safety

Keep remote and lone workers safe with communication solutions that perform regardless of challenging weather or long distances between sites in densely forested terrain. Achieve total visibility of your equipment assets to gather a precise picture of performance, status, and location to minimize equipment failures, mitigate risks and make critical decisions in the field.

Network Innovations supplies a complete suite of interoperable solutions including satellite, VHF, UHF, accessories, and devices to ensure your teams stay connected wherever they work.

Satellite Services & Solutions

Satellite Services & Solutions


Field Service & Installation

Field to Front Office Connectivity

Field to Front Office Connectivity


Quick to Deploy Solutions

Asset Tracking, Mapping & Geofencing

Asset Tracking, Mapping & Geofencing


Workforce Safety & Communications

Real-Time Monitoring & Control

Real-Time Monitoring & Control

Anytime, Anywhere, Global Coverage

Anytime, Anywhere, Global Coverage