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Optimize Vessel Performance. Maximize Crew Welfare.

From Stem to Stern, our Suite of Custom Maritime Solutions and Services helps you operate efficiently and safely.

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Proudly Serving the Maritime Industry

Combining the most talented electrical and technical maritime professionals in the industry with access to the best solutions, logistical support and advanced tools available on the market, our maritime team is committed to being your partner in navigating maritime excellence.

Data Connectivity

Our maritime team offers a complete range of data connectivity for satellite, radio, cellular, and hybrid solutions for fixed and mobile applications. Our flexible offerings include bandwidth pooling across devices, occasional use, bursting, and integration into your existing infrastructure. Our network solutions are not just communications links but come with options to allow you to control, secure, and shape the use of the services. 

Starlink LEO Satellite

Advances in space technology have enabled satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) to provide internet access that is faster and has a higher capacity, and with Starlink’s high-speed, low-latency service, there is a new world of opportunity to consider. Starlink is the world’s first and largest satellite constellation using a LEO to deliver broadband internet, capable of supporting streaming, video calls, and other high data rate applications. 

Starlink’s flat high-performance antenna allows for consistent connectivity while on the go. With a wide field of view and enhanced GPS capabilities, it can connect to more satellites while in motion. The hardware is designed for permanent installation and is more resilient to extreme environments. 

WiFi, Cellular & Network Services  

You want everyone aboard – guests and crew – to have access to a reliable high speed internet connection, at rates that are reasonable, wherever in the world you voyage. Our Wi-Fi, cellular, and network services offer a faster, affordable internet solution whether your requirements are on shore or sea bound. No need to worry about installation and setup, our professional installations team will meet your vessel and get you setup and ready to connect. 

Audio and Visual (A/V) Solutions  

Our professional team designs, engineers and installs everything you need for a fully integrated on board A/V system.  

Our solutions can be integrated and retrofitted to your existing systems, or we can install brand new systems and solutions. Our turnkey suite of solutions and services includes televisions, speakers, amplifiers, controllers, movie servers, outdoor audio, video/audio switchers, and more. 

Marine Stabilized TV Receive Only (TVRO) Antenna Platforms 

TVRO provides you with true plug-and-play maritime antenna technology. We partner with the industry’s best to provide you with state-of-the-art television for small, medium and large vessels.  

Yachts, leisure craft, sports fishing…no matter the vessel, you are able to travel greater distances offshore while receiving a strong signal, even in harsh weather conditions at sea.  

Phones, Hotspots & Tracking 

Mobile satellite-based phones, data, tracking devices and associated accessories that keep you connected anywhere on the planet with either post-paid or prepaid airtime plans. 

Navigation Systems  

Maritime navigation systems are essential tools for any vessel that operates on the water. They help you plan your route, avoid collisions, monitor your position, and communicate with other ships and shore stations.  

From electronic chart display to automatic identification systems to GMDSS to voyage data recording and beyond, we have the expertise to bring the right solution for your vessel to comply with regulations, ensure crew and passenger safety and optimize efficiency.  


The personal and complete vessel systems that you need to ensure safety at sea including EPIRBs, PLBs, AIS, Fire Radios, and Man Overboard. 

Morale and Welfare 

The most effective crew is a happy crew, and nothing encourages happiness more than a safe and functional work environment, as well as the ability to connect with loved ones while working on the open seas for extended periods of time.  

Collision Avoidance Radar 

Our systems integrate echoes, target information, Automatic Identification System data and chart data from multiple radars onto a single display, giving operators real time data about marine traffic. 

Video Monitoring 

We have decades of experience in designing custom solutions to fit your unique needs. We work with analog and/or IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras, and use a variety of network devices to get the video to a suitable Network Video Recorder. 

  • Security monitoring 
  • Onboard quality assurance monitoring 
  • Regulatory monitoring 
  • Underwater video monitoring 
  • Harsh environments video monitoring 


A full range of products and services to ensure compliance with the latest government regulations including GMDSS, Vessel Monitoring, AIS, and Accounting Authority. 


Full maintenance and support services for your vessel with 24/7 support


Industry experts for everything from installations through to critical repairs in remote locations


Keeping you connected in remote locations with reliable and seamlessly integrated services


Keeping everyone on board securely connected with reliable internet access

Cellular 4G/5G

Cellular 4G/5G
Global cellular connectivity for all your destinations


Reliable A/V solutions that provide onboard internet, IPTV, VoIP, and more

Remote Management

Remote Management
Monitor your data, usage, services, invoices, and more from wherever you are

Cyber Security

Cyber Security
Keeping your onboard data and systems secure


We're here to help you succeed

Let's talk to find solutions to solve all your vessel needs including  range of electrical, electronics, automation, hardware and connectivity systems  to keep your crew operational, connected and safe.

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