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Your complete solution to monitor and control remote equipment

Experience peace of mind and gain actionable insights into remote field operations with aveera. Our robust solution provides a seamless, reliable connection to your critical equipment, so you can navigate the complexities of your industrial operations with ease and efficiency. aveera puts you in the driver's seat.


Manage any asset, over any network, on one unified platform.

No dead zones, no delays, just seamless monitoring and control of your remote equipment. aveera is a comprehensive, ready-to-use monitoring and control solution that eliminates complexities like equipment incompatibility and vendor juggling. Accessible from any device, this unified solution revolutionizes industrial assets management, enhancing efficiency and minimizing on-site risks. Take control, uncomplicated.

AlwaysOnAlways-On Data Access – No dead zones, no delays, no manual switching. aveera intelligently toggles between cellular and satellite networks, ensuring reliable data is always within reach, regardless of your equipment's location.

PlugPlayPlug and Play – No need for complex installations. Our aveera edge hardware is a compact device that integrates with your existing equipment using standard connectors. Power on and view your data.

OnePlatformOne platform – monitor and control a blended fleet and equipment in any location from a single platform that thinks like you do aveera hub is our mobile-first, independent platform that integrates into your existing business systems, and applicable for all use cases, equipment, and people.

InteropTrue Interoperability – We understand your fleet isn't one-size-fits-all. Our compact aveera edge hardware integrates effortlessly with blended fleets and your existing equipment. Think of it as a universal remote control that speaks all equipment languages fluently. It’s a single, streamlined solution for all your operational needs.

Informed Business Decisions

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing business systems, helping turn raw data into actionable business intelligence. Get the insights you need to make real-time informed decisions with confidence.


Operational Efficiency

aveera goes beyond mere remote management to directly impact your bottom line. With remote control capabilities and real-time alarm notifications, we not only make it simpler to hit your efficiency targets but minimize operational risks and time associated with manual on-site interventions.


Safer Worksites

Remote monitoring and control ensures fewer trips to remote locations, resulting in a safer work environment. Get real-time data and spend more time managing operations, not troubleshooting equipment or waiting hours on site for manual checks.



Scalable to your needs, aveera grows with your business, no matter the size of your fleet or complexity of your operations. Our compact aveera edge device allows for more business power out of your existing fleet and equipment, today and for whatever may come. Plug it in, turn it on, and receive the data.


Your Equipment, Your Way

Customize every aspect of your aveera solution for an operations control experience that's tailored to your needs—from personalized rules and smart notifications to secure geofencing, seamless system integrations, and failsafe access controls.


Reduced Downtime

Real-time data maximizes uptime by pinpointing and addressing issues proactively, and instant notifications on alarms allow for a swift response.


Control, monitor, track, report.

aveera provides real-time data collection from the field, from powered and non-powered equipment, back to our independent aveera hub platform, bringing data, notifications and analytics to your fingertips.



Farming is now high-tech. Growers are rapidly adopting IoT solutions to improve yields and quality, while reducing energy and water usage. Smart-enabling your crop or live-stock operation isn’t just transforming your data into insights. It takes advantage of smart-automation, real-time monitoring, precision farming, and environmentally safe pest control.

We know that the agricultural sector runs on volume, tight margins, and under strict regulations, so maximizing productivity out of your assets and workflows is paramount. Our ruggedized IoT devices withstand harsh environments and are designed to monitor, manage, and monetize  your mobile or fixed machinery. We enable you to optimize your operations by smart-enabling vehicles, irrigators, sorters, harvesters, loaders and other equipment assets.

  • Maintain equipment using predictive analytics & real-time monitoring to track hours-of-operation
  • Uncover insights, visualize production levels, & improve decision making with real-time environmental monitoring
  • Increase production by optimizing activities including planting, watering, pesticide application, & harvesting
  • Lower costs, consumption, & human error by automating planting, treatment, & harvesting functions
  • Conserve water with analytics that factor in weather forecast data & real-time soil moisture sensor readings
  • Reduce your environmental footprint while increasing yield with on-demand water usage, proactive pest control

Oil & Gas

We understand the financial and logistical challenges of operating a global ecosystem of oil rigs, extraction facilities, and collection tanks sites. Managing natural energy resources is a complex, capital intensive, and highly regulated proposition, especially when spills, leaks and emergency shutdowns have the potential to put you out of business.

Our Smart Oil & Gas Monitoring solutions leverage the intrinsic decentralized connectivity model of the IoT; perfect for managing large numbers of distributed assets. Plus, localized fog computing, purposeful cloud analytics, and a UI using industry terms and KPIs help ensure safe, streamlined, and profitable operations.

  • Enhance safety & protect workers by ensuring equipment assets are functioning within manufacturers’ tolerances
  • Uncover insights, visualize production levels, & improve decision making with real-time environmental monitoring
  • Automate sensor data processing & streamline workflows to reduce bottlenecks, and optimize human resources allocation in ERP, SCM & HR systems
  • Monitor & inspect thousands of miles of pipeline assets with sensor equipped Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Determine the condition of in-service equipment & when maintenance should be performed, using predictive maintenance, embedded sensors, & AI analytics
  • Track the real-time position, condition, & heading of mobile assets to aid in supply-chain, inventory usage, & logistics planning


As mines go deeper & move into more remote areas, mining companies are looking to extract not just ore but also the valuable data necessary to optimize their operations.  From exploration to construction, production through to decommissioning, you need to manage multiple assets, monitor dispersed equipment across vast distances, & ensure environmental compliance in the toughest of terrain.

Our Smart Mining Solutions give you complete oversight of your smart-enabled operations in a simple to use, aggregated view accessible by phone, tablet or computer. Designed to withstand harsh environments, our ruggedized IoT devices monitor & manage your fixed and on-the-move machinery. Remotely monitor & control tailings dam pumps & equipment, track fleet location & diagnostics, & set alarms when sensors trip indicating larger issues. Maximize the productivity of your mine with smart monitoring solutions.

  • Fleet diagnostics & location tracking allow for predictive maintenance & route optimization
  • Enhance safety & protect workers with customizable trigger states and automatic alerts
  • Leverage key metrics across your fleet to improve efficiencies & maximize production uptime
  • Monitor & measure tailings pond levels and remotely stop, start or adjust pump RPMs
  • Scalable, turnkey solutions to expand as your project moves through its lifecycle
  • Real-time monitoring to reveal insights, visualize production levels, & improve decision making

Utilities & Infrastructure

Smart-Infrastructure helps your customers keep the gas pumping, the lights on, and the water flowing.

Keep your CAPEX down and get more out of your existing infrastructure. Smart-enabling and connecting your industrial equipment to the cloud helps you to increase the capacity, efficiency, reliability and resilience of your total operation. Plus, improving performance enables you to avoid costly downtime, reduce maintenance overhead, helping keep OPEX at bay.

Our smart-devices are purpose-built around your industry and equipment needs and engineered from the ground-up to work with pumps, filters, valve bodies, pipe-lines and many other infrastructure assets, on a massive and industrial scale.

  • Injecting intelligence into your operation, and connecting legacy equipment to the cloud, helps enhance demand forecasting
  • Extending the service life of critical new infrastructure helps smart-cities scale population growth and keep costs down
  • Offering better whole-life value means greener operations, a lower energy footprint, and cleaner air and water

Heavy Equipment Rental Houses

Keep your assets out of the repair shop and generating revenue. We know your capital is tied up in your fleet, so when your dozers, loaders or trucks go down, it’s not only your books that take a hit, but your reputation. Smart enabling your industrial equipment helps you to protect your high-value assets, proactively. Managing your heavy equipment doesn’t need to be a heavy burden.

Our IoT smart-devices are front-loaded, pre-calibrated, and tested to work with any asset class. Just bolt on, power up, and you’ll be transmitting real-time telematics over satellite or terrestrial wireless, in minutes. We put the power of information in your hands with anywhere connectivity, cloud based analytics, and user-friendly user interfaces that help you streamline and simplify your business.

  • Monitor and map the location, movement, and condition of your mobile and fix assets anywhere and in real-time
  • Manage engine hours, carried load weights, fluid levels, security, usage and many other equipment metrics
  • Remediate issues proactively with predicative OTA maintenance and alerts that keep assets up and running and truck-rolls down
  • Operate productively and optimize the allocation of labor, workflows, and energy resources across your asset ecosystem
  • Innovate by transforming equipment metrics into actionable insights that aid planning, decision making, and execution

Stratty Enterprises Gains Visibility Into Their Rental Equipment

This IoT solution has transformed the way Stratty Enterprises can view the performance of their equipment. They have been able to become more cost effective due to machinery staying out of the repair shop with maintenance only being completed when necessary.

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