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Software Design & Development Services to Meet Your Unique Mission Requirements

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The fast-growing requirements for information make satellite communications systems more valuable each day. As your partner in the increasing need for network resilience, we provide software development services for new and legacy systems, designed to enhance flexibility, improve uptime, and adhere to industry standards. 

For mission critical infrastructure operations, having effective SATCOM networks is nothing short of essential. Our software engineering experts build web-capable tools suited to your distinct requirements, including enhancing situational awareness and improving the delivery of data and information across industry applications.

From an initial concept to product delivery and support, our services are secure, scalable, and tailored to meet your organization’s mission critical requirements. In the field or from a remote-control room, receive rapid access to the information you need to control and monitor vital networks.

For commercial applications:
  • Autonomous satellite terminal control providing resiliency when networks are congested or contested
  • Easily integrated software providing out-of-band communications for in-field operations
  • Summary of terminal health, status, and performance for increased visibility
  • Enterprise resource planning software providing enhanced inventory and logistics management
  • Remote management, access, and increased terminal visibility for NOC
  • Automated configuration of terminals across multiple networks, decreasing downtime
For Military & Defense operations:
  • Embedded software advancing terminal automation & remote management for mission success
  • Summary dashboard for at a glance situational awareness on all levels of command
  • Software compliant with Department of Defense (DoD) software development standards
  • Resource planning for defense inventory and movement management
  • Remote management, access, and increased terminal visibility to support rapid decision making
  • Automated configuration of terminals across multiple networks to mitigate operational denial

NIC4 Awarded Satellite Communications Service Provide Registry Prototype Contract for the US Space Force

Seeking to improve the effectiveness of SATCOM services to the U.S. Military, several key government programs are helping enable the vision of Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Enterprise Management & Control (SEM&C). Our software development solutions will act as a key component in the modernized planning and provisioning of satellite terminals for mission operations.

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