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High-speed, low-latency broadband internet in remote and rural locations across the globe.

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Advances in space technology have enabled satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO) to provide internet access that is faster and has a higher capacity, and with Starlink’s high-speed, low-latency service, there is a new world of opportunity to consider.

Advanced Broadband Satellite Internet

Starlink is the world’s first and largest satellite constellation using a LEO to deliver broadband internet, capable of supporting streaming, video calls, and other high data rate applications.

From mine and energy sites to merchant vessels, oil rigs, and premium yachts, users can engage in activities that historically have not been possible with satellite internet.

Uninterrupted Communications

Starlink's LEO satellites deliver download speeds reaching up to 350 Mbps, while maintaining a low latency of 20-40ms.

Easy Online Access

Starlink arrives with everything needed to get online in minutes. Just ensure a clear view of the sky.

Fully Managed & Supported

Keep tabs on your Starlink fleet through NI Portal. Monitor your usage, set notifications, and stay updated on the status of your support tickets. Even after installation, Network Innovations remains your go-to for premium support, ensuring smooth and continuous operations.

Boundless Coverage

Unbounded by traditional ground infrastructure, Starlink can deliver broadband internet to places where access has been unreliable or completely unavailable.

Stay Connected with Network Innovations

Network Innovations stands ready to turn advancing technologies into real-life use cases, helping customers get the most from low Earth orbit (LEO), low-latency connectivity.

As an authorized integrator and reseller of Starlink, the Network Innovations team offers a bundled solution:

  • Premium support
  • Annual hardware maintenance
  • Installation services
  • Online monitoring of terminals via NI Portal
  • Optional single and dual antenna configurations
  • L-Band backup
  • Cybersecurity protection
  • Customized network and routing
  • Licensing and regulatory expertise

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Starlink in Action: Fishing Trawler Vessel Overcomes Connectivity Challenges

With coverage of up to 350 Mbps download while at sea, the crew onboard can transmit data and information in real-time, enabling a quick response to changing weather conditions, catch data tracking, and remote reporting.

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A Trusted Voice

Finding the right connectivity solution starts with a conversation with a satellite expert local to you, that knows your industry, specific needs, and goals. When considering a LEO offering, Network Innovations is your trusted advisor, working to help find a solution that keeps you fully connected and supported.

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