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Network Innovations


Razorlink Hub is a compact field unit that bonds & optimizes cellular, satellite & Wi-Fi networks for a fast & secure internet connection. 
  • Compact lightweight hardware with Bond DSL, Wi-Fi, cellular and satellite
  • Stream video, audio and metadata, increase FTP throughput, and UDP FEC and reliability
  • Low latency targeting, WAN optimization, and network resilience and redundancy
  • Network agnostic, perpetual licensing, and private or public operation
  • Flexible hardware resolution, single board computers, and high performance computing
  • Peer-to-peer operation, on-premises or in the cloud, with Windows and Linux compatibility

Razorlink Hub is a compact field unit that bonds and optimizes Cellular, Satellite & Wi-Fi Networks. It provides a fast, highly resilient and secure internet connection for the rapid delivery of live, interactive or file-based media to your Cloud or control room from the latest broadcast cameras, smart phones, and encoders.