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A Different Approach to Satellite Communications

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Flexible, Dependable & Reliable Satellite Connectivity

Network Innovations’ MAVERICK VSAT service is a turnkey satellite communication service offering flexibility, scalability & reliability – helping you conquer your challenges where & when you need. Using state-of-the-art technology, this efficient multiservice IP-based platform uses multiple link technologies – TDMA, SCPC & Mx-DMA to deliver truly dynamic bandwidth allocation. MAVERICK is fully scalable & designed to integrate with any type of customer network. It runs on multiple satellites & supports different frequency bands & spot beams, using multiple global gateways to support a fully private corporate network or a full global internet experience.

MAVERICK Flexibility

Secure and reliable solutions to meet your unique requirements where and when you need them most.  With flexible contract terms and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), bandwidth on demand services, and state of the art coding & modulation technology, MAVERICK gives you increased link stability, flexibility to change service requirements as needed, and customized pricing to help control costs.

  • Flexible contract terms & SLAs
  • Effortlessly change service plans – no options files required for remote modem
  • Automated beam switching (ABS) technology embedded into service for easier nomadic connectivity
  • Occasional use (OU) packages available via service request through our online customer portal
  • State of the art coding & modulation technology – embedded acceleration, compression & pre-fetching
  • Bandwidth on demand

MAVERICK Dependability

MAVERICK’s game-changing dynamic carrier technology ensures Guaranteed Bit Rate Service, updating every second to deliver a guaranteed minimum pipe size, not just connectivity. MAVERICK technology changes the actual RF carrier parameters to instantly guarantee the traffic you’re subscribed to – without introducing additional jitter to the network so latency-sensitive applications work seamlessly during any weather event.

  • Easily extend your corporate network to your field units & locations
  • Use existing corporate infrastructure as if you were still in the office
  • Guaranteed bit rates
  • Field swap modems with a simple change at the teleport
  • No more option file reloads required
  • One-time equipment purchase works with scalable level of service packages 

MAVERICK Reliability

Share a common pool of bandwidth between all network remote sites, with each site having access to the entire bandwidth pool at any time. MAVERICK gives you the ability to establish your own Quality of Service protocols across your entire network, resulting in the most efficient use of bandwidth resources. Users can add, move or deploy sites without altering or revising the contracted bandwidth services.

  • MAVERICK dynamically changes to provide the most reliable connection
  • Application layer policy based prioritization
  • Save costs & guarantee your service is up where & when you need it
  • Low-latency & low-jitter carrier technology
  • Ideal for high quality voice, video streaming, & low-grade network sensitive software applications
  • Nomadic service packages available

Adaptive network with multiple interconnects & PoPs around the world


24/7 Networks Operations Center (NOC)


Comprehensive bandwidth shaping, acceleration & optimization suite including Layer 7 shaping


Configurable NI Portal for monitoring, control & service requests


Satellite installation, integration & configuration


Cyber security monitoring & testing


Hosted data centers & cloud services


Custom hardware & software


MAVERICK Scalable SCADA offers unlimited data transfer & the ability to increase subscribed data rates on-site as needed – without additional hardware or monthly subscriptions. SCADA systems help multiple industries maintain efficiency, process data for intelligent decisions, & indicate system issues to mitigate downtime.

Most midstream oil & gas operators need to access remote site data  to remain compliant & ensure assets are operating safely & efficiently. With advanced monitoring methods – video surveillance, M2M, IoT devices – higher bandwidth requirements are necessary. This demands more than your standard SCADA connection.

MAVERICK Scalable SCADA gives you the power to scale your business without increasing overhead or complications.

  • Increase bandwidth as needed for a specified period
  • No additional hardware or monthly subscriptions required
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Ability to increase subscribed data rate for on-site connectivity as needed