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Offshore Oil & Gas

Keeping Offshore Operations Online

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Sea to Shore Connectivity

Connect your upstream operations at sea to your onshore offices with integrated connectivity and marine-grade communication solutions. Our managed network services support data-intensive applications, IoT integration & cloud computing for real-time reporting from FPSOs and semi-submergible rigs. Enhance crew morale, improve safety and security with dependable onboard communications and connectivity. Solutions include GMDSS, CCTV, weather devices, radar, PAGA systems, two-way radios, rain electronics and more for your deep water sites.

Offshore Communications & Connectivity

From finding a new reservoir to end user distribution, the digital oilfield depends on reliable connectivity and communications to relay real-time data from open waters to onshore offices. Our managed network services for offshore operators include network system design, delivery, installation, onboard service and support through every operational stage – from exploration to production and distribution. Capture real-time operational intelligence from your deep-water operations with secure, always-available connectivity.

  • Turnkey, temporary & scalable communication solutions for exploratory crews, vessels, and mobile teams
  • VSAT & mobile satellite services for offshore operations
  • Reliable connectivity between remote operations and onshore offices via hybrid network solutions
  • Mobile satellite services and LTE for vessels, FPSOs, fixed platforms & semi-submergible rigs
  • Secure networking solutions for remote exploration & drilling operations

Crew Safety & Welfare

Keep offshore crews safe, engaged and productive with reliable communications and connectivity to loved ones onshore and teammates onboard. Network Innovations designs, delivers & deploys, devices, systems, applications, accessories & services that work together to unify your teams’ communications to increase safety, minimize risk and boost workforce morale.

  • GMDSS, CCTV, beacons, weather devices, radar, PAGA systems, two-way radios, marine electronics, satellite connectivity for FPSOs & semi-submersible rigs
  • Improve safety & emergency response with tracking devices for lone workers and mobile crews
  • Communicate one-to-one or one-to-many in noisy environments with ruggedized PTT solutions
  • In the event of an emergency, critical voice & data communications can be prioritized over routine conversations
  • Recreational & communication services for offshore crews – help to attract & retain quality personnel

Business Continuity & Emergency Preparedness

Maximize production uptime with reliable, redundant network connectivity solutions designed to withstand challenging conditions. Network Innovations resilient communication and network systems support business continuity and critical operations, keeping offshore and onshore teams connected and safe – especially when a crisis or emergency arises. Maintain efficiency and minimize risk with dependable secure connectivity.

  • Primary & backup connectivity for reliable & secure data, voice, video, SCADA & M2M applications
  • Remote monitoring, video surveillance & security systems for real-time situational awareness and rapid response
  • Bandwidth on demand services for work overload, emergency or periodic data-intensive applications
  • Custom designed satellite IT connectivity & failover system design for mission critical communications and operations
  • Fully managed network services

SCADA & IoT for Offshore

 Better control and coordination of complex site operations mean lower production costs. Leverage the real-time insight and cost-savings of a digitally connected offshore operation with always-on connectivity. IoT, M2M and SCADA applications give you oversight of your equipment assets and infrastructure, empowering you to reduce risks, remain compliant and respond rapidly when required.
  • Enhanced automation to comply with safety requirements and environmental regulations
  • Real-time data transfer of asset performance & production reports to maximize ROI, extend equipment life & maintain HSE compliance
  • Trigger alarms when assets or equipment breach allowable parameters for timely, immediate response
  • M2M solutions for remote monitoring, controlling, automation & optimization of asset