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Onshore Oil & Gas

Connectivity form Exploration to Extraction & Distribution

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Reliable Connectivity to Safeguard Your Operations

Energy producers are digitalizing their operations to optimize efficiency, productivity & profitability. To do so successfully, reliable data connectivity is a must. Real-time automation, workforce safety & remote communications require resilient network connectivity. We supply fully managed hybrid network solutions to keep your refineries, gas plants, storage sites and treatment facilities connected. From systems design to installation, our custom solutions enhance safety & save your operations time & money.


Remote Site Communications & Connectivity

From finding a new reservoir to end user distribution, the digital oilfield depends on reliable connectivity & communications to relay real-time data from the field to the front office. Our end-to-end services include network system design, delivery, installation, field service and support through every operational stage – upstream, midstream, and  downstream.

  • Turnkey, temporary communications and connectivity solutions for exploration and seismic crews for quick data transfers to HQ
  • Quick to deploy VSAT systems, portable broadband terminals & satellite phones
  • Design, delivery and installation of primary broadband network for data, voice & video to SCADA and M2M communications
  • Multi-network coverage integrating VSAT, L-band and cellular connectivity for maximum uptime at sea or onshore
  • Reliable, redundant and secure cellular and satellite backup connectivity
  • Fully managed network services

Workforce Safety & Welfare

Keeping crews safe while they’re on the move or in remote locations is always the primary concern. Reliable connectivity and communications are key. Our custom solutions include devices, systems, applications and services to enhance safety and keep steady lines of communication wherever team members are located.

  • Global multi-network coverage using VSAT, L-band and cellular connectivity for maximum operational uptime
  • Improve safety and emergency response with tracking devices for lone workers, mobile teams & assets on the move
  • Provide communications & recreational services to boost workforce morale & retain quality personnel at remote worksites
  • Rapidly respond to situations with location based services, safety alerts, man down systems & low latency two way communications

Business Continuity & Emergency Preparedness

Whether upstream, midstream, or downstream, all segments of the oil & gas supply chain are looking to optimize operations & mitigate risk to personnel & the environment. When disasters strike, whether manmade or natural, reliable connectivity is essential to keep teams connected & productivity moving forward. Our redundant, reliable primary & backup communications & connectivity systems are custom tailored to your site & business needs to keep your teams safe and operations running.

  • VSAT systems extended with fiber, LTE & microwave for refineries, gas plants, storage sites & treatment facilities
  • Primary & backup connectivity for reliable, secure data, voice, video, SCADA & M2M communications
  • Reliable, redundant and secure cellular & satellite backup connectivity networks
  • Bandwidth on demand services for work overload, emergency or periodic data-intensive applications
  • Remote monitoring, surveillance & security systems for real-time situational awareness & rapid response

Remote Site Monitoring - IoT, M2M, & SCADA for Energy

Leverage the cost savings & real-time insight of a digitally connected oilfield with always-on connectivity no matter how remote your wellheads, pipelines and mainline valves may be.  IoT, M2M and SCADA applications give you oversight of your infrastructure, empowering you to reduce risk, remain compliant and respond rapidly when required.

  • Enhanced automation to comply with safety requirement & environmental regulations
  • M2M solutions for remote monitoring, controlling, automation & optimization of assets
  • Real-time telemetry data from drilling logs, production reports & asset performance to maximize ROI, extend equipment service life & maintain HSE compliance
  • Monitor fixed & on-the-move assets to enhance security using customized trigger states & automatic alerts
  • Remotely manage & monitor water transfer operations at frack sites with real-time water flow, tank levels & pump RPM readings
  • Reduce unnecessary personnel deployment costs with remote surveillance connectivity & cost-conscious photo/video transfer & video streaming applications

White Papers

BGAN M2M provides real time connectivity for the oil & gas sector – enabling wellhead, artificial lift and pipeline monitoring. With pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, energy companies are increasingly focusing on digitalization. In Connected Oil and Gas – discover how satellite communications are supporting industry efficiencies. Discover how always-on satellite connectivity offers affordable and secure solutions to some of the industry’s biggest challenges. From efficiency and safety monitoring of assets using machine to machine (M2M) solutions, to predictive maintenance, safety alerts and communications for remote employees – reliable and global satellite connectivity is helping the extractive industries adapt and succeed.