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Blue Sky Network


SkyLink offers reliable connectivity for end-to-end sensor reporting and optimized asset utilization powered by Certus 100.

  • IP Data Speeds Up to 88 Kbps DL/22 Kbps UL
  • 100% global satellite coverage
  • Dual-mode cellular LTE & Iridium® Certus for complete coverage & least-cost routing
  • Two (2) High Quality Voice Lines
  • Remote monitoring, tracking & configuration
  • Accommodates legacy serial devices

The SkyLink 5100 by Blue Sky Network delivers next-generation satellite connectivity to any location on the planet. This compact and versatile communications terminal is powered by the truly global Iridium® network, providing enterprise-grade voice, remote monitoring, and data connection.

As a certified Iridium Connected® product, the SkyLink 5100 is designed for complete business efficiency, safety and continuity coverage. Its slim design allows for easy mounting on fixed or mobile units to transfer real-time data from existing sensors, asset utilization and IoT/M2M monitoring tools. In the field, use this device as a portable communications and media sharing platform for mission-critical updates to and from remote and frontline workers. With the SkyLink 5100, achieve total connectivity for all assets, in every location, across the globe.