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Sailor 900

The SAILOR 900 VSAT from Cobham provides fast Ku-Band connectivity over Network Innovations' MAVERICK Highly-Available VSAT service.

Operations Monitoring
Enhance business efficiencies with real-time data, remote asset, engine monitoring, reporting

Crew Welfare
Stay connected to family and friends, social media, video calling

Digital Ship
Office at sea, controlled costs, access full suites of business applications

Remote Connectivity
Reliable high-speed connections wherever you are

The SAILOR 900 VSAT provides fast Ku-Band connectivity over Network Innovations’ MAVERICK Highly-Available VSAT service. The antenna can be upgraded to work with Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress network as well. Every antenna system comes with standardized top quality RF components (8W BUC, LNBs, OMT/diplexer) and only one cable between antenna and below deck. It can also operate two antenna systems on a single modem if required.