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Network Innovations


AnsuR ASIGN compresses photo & video files for high resolution outputs over low bandwidth cellular & mobile satellite networks. 
  • Full precision photo & video content
  • Precise geo-tagged images, text & assessment forms
  • Save up to 99% bandwidth without comprising quality & precision
  • Network agnostic, works with low bandwidth cellular & mobile SAT networks
  • Collect, communicate & manage operationally relevant data
  • Higher resolution rates at reduced data sizes

Visual Data Collection & Communication – Anytime, Anywhere
With ASIGN software, you can save up to 99% bandwidth. It provides an interactive solution to send & receive relevant high-resolution visual content. It helps mission-critical users with rapid, reliable & accurate visual situational awareness & optimized photo & video communication. 

Designed with input from the UN, emergency & disaster responders, police, civil protection, Satcom & the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) community, the ASIGN software suite is engineered to work in the most challenging communications conditions. ASIGN is comprised of :

  • ASIGN Online Server, a cloud-based platform with a UI where the incoming information is managed. The ASIGN server may also be hosted privately.
  • ASIGN Field Communicator, applications, that collect & send field information to the Server. It can run on various platforms.
  • GR4-COMS: Globally Rapid, Reliable, Resilient & Robust Communication protocols optimized for Mobile and Satellite. Secure end-to-end encryption.