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Network Innovations


As part of Network Innovations MSAT solutions, the SATRAD MSATe provides two-way radio communications and integrates land mobile radio (LMR).
  • Extends the reach of Land Mobile Networks across North America
  • GPS capability, flexible interconnectivity, and supports all MSAT Tracking services
  • Works seamlessly with the MSAT-G2 and all MSAT talkgroups and services
  • Traditional Telephony, with GETS (Government Emergency Telecommunications System)
  • Highly reliable and simple to use
  • Available in fixed, land mobile, and maritime configurations

The MSATe Mobile Satellite Radio works where you do, extending the reach of existing networks by easily integrating with land mobile radio (LMR) networks. Based on terrestrial radio standards, this powerful and flexible communications tool provides a cost-effective alternative to new deployments in remote or temporary locations. Dual mode operation allows traditional telephony service to operate in tandem with Push-To-Talk (PTT) service, so customers never miss a call.