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Honeywell Aspire 400

Delivers High-Speed Voice & Data Communications for Cockpits & Cabins

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The Honeywell Aspire 400 Satellite Communications System delivers high-speed voice and data communications for cockpits and cabins in a compact and lightweight package. The system’s 2-MCU Satellite Data Unit (SDU) transceiver unit contains two separate and independent SwiftBroadband channels for fully partitioned and segregated cockpit and cabin channels.


  • Dedicated cockpit channel enables Safety Services over SwiftBroadband satisfying Future Air Navigation System (FANS) requirements.

  • Second SwiftBroadband channel for voice and data capabilities in the cabin

  • Flexible system includes a variety of antenna options to suit the operators’ needs

  • Honeywell’s High-Data Rate (HDR) software upgrade can add more data capability to the system, enabling data speeds of up to 650 Kbps.