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Thales FlytLINK Hybrid

Delivering Significant Savings in Weight, Power & Volume

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Thales FlytLINK Hybrid Satellite Communications System is a fully qualified Iridium® satellite communications system that delivers International Civil Aviation Association (ICAO) approved cockpit voice and safety services to improve overall safety of operations. The system will meet requirements for Satcom safety services voice operation and can be used in lieu of HF radio, thereby delivering significant savings in terms of weight, power and volume while dramatically enhancing the aircraft’s overall safety of operation.


  • Two voice channels for cockpit

  • Full FANS Over Iridium FOI) network, without having to wait for completion of Iridium NEXT Safety Services certification.

  • Affordable, faster and more reliable high-speed aircraft connectivity with global coverage extending to the polar regions.

  • Smaller, lightweight footprint reduces overall weight of aircraft, ultimately decreasing fuel costs