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Satellite-based crisis communication for civil defense and disaster protection




Communication saves lives

When developing disaster management plans, the first things that naturally come to mind are ambulances, life-saving equipment, oxygen cylinders and personnel. But one thing has proven to be even more important in the event of a disaster, and that is the ability for emergency responders to communicate with the outside world.

When emergency services arrive at the scene of an accident or disaster, the situation is first checked to assess the extent of the damage and to organize the extent of the necessary first aid. You must be able to communicate immediately with base camp and the outside world so that further help can arrive as quickly as possible.


Goal: Ensuring communication for civil defense and disaster protection
Task: Providing communications in the event of a disaster
Requirements: Secure and independent crisis communication

Reduce the consequences of a disaster

The early availability of voice and data communication can determine whether help reaches the right place as quickly as possible. Therefore, in the early stages of a disaster, communication equipment is the most important means of reducing the consequences. Immediate communication from the disaster zone can save countless lives and prevent some of the worst consequences.

For this case, we offer various EXPLORER® emergency kits, which should be standard components of every emergency plan.

Our products are easy to use even for untrained users and are ready for use in less than two minutes. Our devices enable high-speed voice and data transmission in even the most remote locations.

Importance of emergency kit in disaster management

Phase 0
preliminary stage
Phase 1
emergency aid
Phase 2
24-48 hours
Phase 3
After 48 hours
Ready for immediate use


  • Easy to use device, ready for use quickly
Quick to use and easy to transport


  • compact, lightweight device
Networked communication


  • Interoperability
Longer term installations


  • including technical staff
Planning ahead


  • protects your infrastructure in the event of a disaster
Easy to use


  • for technically untrained users
Language and data


  • ongoing coordination
Language and data


  • ongoing coordination
Easy to store


  • ensures the constant availability of communication equipment
Language and data


  • Contact the base camp, transfer the first pictures

Internet and VPN

  • Initial access to emergency management software
Internet and VPN


  • higher activity via emergency management software
Internet and VPN


  • increased activity via emergency management software

Ready for immediate use

When minutes count, there is often no time for training emergency responders or reading manuals. Our EXPLORER® emergency kits offer efficient disaster management from the first crucial moment.

In the event of an emergency alarm, simply grab your emergency kit and you'll be prepared. Even untrained personnel have our EXPLORER® emergency kit ready for use within minutes without prior instruction and are immediately able to make contact with the outside world via voice and data connections - no matter where and under what conditions.

Our EXPLORER® emergency kits work worldwide, regardless of the severity of the devastation.


No communication network? You can count on our emergency kits!

Experience shows that common communication networks are the first to fail in the event of a disaster. Cell phone towers have been destroyed and the still functioning communication routes are no longer accessible. Furthermore, the disaster area may have been isolated from the outside world by a tornado, an earthquake, a volcanic eruption or a terrorist attack. The disaster may affect a remote location where terrestrial networks are not available.

Our emergency kits enable instant communication anywhere. Emergency responders have the opportunity to transmit important information to and from the disaster site, such as the names of survivors, addresses for insurance purposes, construction plans to identify areas that are becoming unstable, etc. Survivors of a disaster can contact their relatives by telephone or email to record.

Importance of emergency kit in disaster management

Mobile use Vehicle version Fixed installations
Suitcase solutions / equipment for individual users and emergency teams


  • CPN EVERY 323
  • EXPLORER 510
  • EXPLORER 710
Equipment emergency vehicles, squad vehicles, support vehicles (support teams)


  • CPN EVERY 323 Drive
  • EXPLORER 323
  • EXPLORER 727
Connection to base camp, connecting different locations


  • CPN Enclosure 510
  • CPN Enclosure 710

Our EXPLORER® emergency kits have been specifically developed for use in areas where there are no terrestrial networks available and no infrastructure in place. In the event of a disaster, the EXPLORER® emergency kit is ready for use quickly and ensures immediate voice and data communication.

The mobile EXPLORER satellite terminals impress with their robust, but light and handy design. The devices can be operated regardless of location. As soon as they are switched on and aligned with the satellite, they enable immediate communication via satellite signal when connected to a handset, smartphone or laptop.

The self-aligning and tracking antenna of the EXPLORER® vehicle version is mounted directly on the emergency vehicle. This ensures communication and connectivity even while driving. Think of it as part of a cost-effective safety kit.

EXPLORER® high-speed broadband communication

World Wide Web – With EXPLORER® you can easily surf the Internet as if you were at home or in the office.

Email – Crucial information in an email is often contained in a large file attachment. With EXPLORER®, reading an email and retrieving the attachment is quick and easy.

Telephone – A wired telephone can be connected to the EXPLORER® 710. With the EXPLORER® 510 you can connect your smartphone using the EXPLORER connect app and make phone calls with it.

Company network – You get access to your company network worldwide via a VPN connection. Data transmission takes place at high speed.

Data transfer – A guaranteed data rate of up to 384+ kbps is available if required. The transmission rate can be selected depending on the application.


The most important aid in disasters like

  • Chemical accident
  • Dam break
  • earthquake
  • Fire
  • flooding
  • Hazardous material
  • heat
  • hurricane
  • landslide
  • Nuclear dangers
  • terrorism
  • storm
  • tornado
  • Tsunami
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Conflagration
  • Blizzard



Mobile use

portable (satellite phone) and suitcase solutions. Equipment for individual users or emergency teams

Vehicle version

Equipment command vehicles and emergency vehicles

Fixed installation

Connection to the control center and connecting different locations as well as connection to German branches or facilities abroad

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