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Faster, More Affordable Internet Solutions

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Complete Onboard Networking and Internet Solutions

You want everyone aboard – guests and crew – to have access to a high speed internet connection, at rates that are reasonable, wherever in the world you voyage. Our Wi-Fi, cellular, and networks services offer a faster, affordable internet solution whether your requirements are shore bound or sea bound. No need to worry about installation and setup, our professional installations team will meet your vessel and get you setup and ready to connect.

3G - Rated at 7.2 Mbps (real expected speeds are 3 Mbps) and has a maximum range of 15-20 Miles. (The Minimum speed required to stream basic quality Netflix in one room is 2 Mbps.)

4G - Rated at 14 Mbps and 5 times the speed of 3G. This band has a maximum range of 10 Miles.

LTE - An upgrade of the 4G band spectrum, with a speed rated at 89 Mbps (real expected speeds between 22 and 60 Mbps unless you are using a Commercial Grade SIM).

5G - Capable of speeds upwards of just over 1G, 50-70 Mbps in the Us. Maximum range of 1000 Feet.