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Industrial remote maintenance via satellite

Remote work environments at home and abroad, such as: B. Wind farms, oil production facilities and pumping stations in regions with poor infrastructure are often not accessible via terrestrial networks such as landlines, mobile phones or the Internet.

In order to ensure smooth operations, the permanent provision of a reliable communication infrastructure is essential.

The supply of a construction site must be ensured through the uninterrupted exchange of information between headquarters and the construction site.




Furthermore, operating data should be accessed daily and maintenance work should be carried out remotely.

Machines and systems must always function smoothly - this requires constant monitoring and rapid maintenance services.

Permanent condition monitoring, the so-called “Condition Monitoring System” (CMS), of machines and systems reduces unplanned service calls and signals operational problems at an early stage. Downtimes are also reduced, service and maintenance costs as well as the LCC (Life Cycle Cost) are reduced, thereby saving costs.


Goal: Industrial remote maintenance via satellite
Task: Ensuring smooth operations
Requirements: Permanent provision of a reliable communication infrastructure

Advantages of satellite communication

  • Available worldwide
  • Ability to communicate even if no terrestrial networks such as landlines, mobile phones or the Internet are available
  • Power supply option from integrated battery or from 110 V – 240 V and from 12 V/24 V battery voltage
  • Possibility of permanent installation in buildings using a removable antenna with HF or system cable connection
  • Possibility of mobile use
  • Communication Types: Voice, Fax, Data and SMS
  • Connection of computers for data transfer
  • Connection of satellite equipment of the same system without terrestrial line connections

Advantages of condition monitoring of machines and systems via satellite

  • Uninterrupted exchange of information between headquarters and the deployment site
  • Constant monitoring of the systems or machines
  • Retrieval of operating data promptly or in real time (depending on settings)
  • Time savings and cost reduction (costs can arise from downtime, travel for unplanned service calls and maintenance work)
  • Fast maintenance service
  • Supports high system availability and thus increases productivity regardless of infrastructural barriers
  • Enables the use of service strategies/products for service life-optimized maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly (Reduces CO2 emissions caused by unnecessary or unplanned service trips)
  • Ensures high customer satisfaction

Satellite terminals

The variety of satellite terminals available today meets every requirement for a modern communication unit - whether mobile or stationary.

The extensive equipment of the current devices offers numerous application options at the highest level of security.

The satellite terminals are available in different sizes and functions and can be optionally configured.

For this purpose, depending on the satellite system and device manufacturer, the devices have, for example:

  • Interfaces for: telephone and fax (analog & ISDN), LAN, USB
  • Wireless interfaces for Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Protocols for video conferencing, video streaming and sending/receiving SMS
  • Data transfer rates from 2.4 kbps up to 492 kbps (for mobile SAT terminals)
  • Significantly higher bandwidths possible with the use of a VSAT system (depending on the service booked)
  • Parallel voice and data communication
  • Secure VPN access
  • Remote access

The modern devices are very robust as they were designed for use under extreme conditions by military organizations, media and aid groups.

Most devices are dust and splash-proof, some even have protection class IP67.

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